We, at Gulati Metalcrafts, have gained extensive specialization in manufacturing customized products. Our work force is highly skilled and experienced to produce products that can match exact customer demands.

We can also create replicas of any design with 100% accuracy.

Our manufacturing unit is based in Moradabad (U.P), India, and is equipped with all the latest machines and technology to produce a wide range of superior quality brassware. Making use of this infrastructure, our highly skilled craftsmen have produced delicate and elegant products that have gained world acceptance and popularity.

Our flexible production unit and strong workforce, enable us to avoid any delays and fulfill all customer requirements in time.

How it is Done

Raw material used in the manufacture of brass products are called "SILLY" and "GULLY" in the local jargon. "SILLY" and "GULLY" is the mixture of many metals namely- Copper, Zink, Lead, etc.(in a specified ratio). All these metals mixed in a big pot called "GHARIA" and heated in a furnace. The molten mix is then poured into a mold of desired shape & allowed to cool. First & foremost, the design of the product, to be made, is sketched on a piece of a paper followed by its wooden frame which is later on used to make its metal prototype. This is known as Master piece.

The expert artisans also known as "DHALLAIYA" prepares mould for the different products. Molten metal is poured into these moulds, the product is then taken out for repair and refurbished with utmost care. These brass items are then polished. If needed, exotic design are made on these polished pieces. The product is then ready to be exported out to various countries.