About Us

Metallic Trophy is a manufacturing and exporting company under the umbrella of Gulati Metal Crafts Pvt Ltd. We are a 40 years old company producing quality E.P.N.S. metalwares and brass artwares. We belong to the brass city of India "Moradabad" which is famous for the amazing brass handicrafts and unbelievable handwork by the artisans.

Ever since inception, we have been working with a motive of producing exquisite and elegant products and designs. Our collection of Sports Cups and Trophies are unique and extra ordinary. All these products supplied by us are perfect examples of dexterous craftsmanship and contemporary Indian handwork.

Over these years, we have created huge track records of success and these are result of our quality and reliable products. Our customers always look up to us for quality work and innovative designs.

We are dynamic organization and believe in keeping track of changing environment and technology. To achieve this objective, we spend a big share of our revenues on regular upgradation of technology.

Why us

Some of our specialities, which make us a preferred business partner are:

  •   Highest quality standards
  •   Skilled and artistic craftsmanship
  •   Competitive prices
  •   Flexible production that can meet immediate and bulk demands
  •   Unending pursuit of product, process and performance optimization